Benefits of a Durian for the Beauty of the skin which is essential in the know

Benefits of a Durian for skin-Beauty cannot be denied any longer if fruit is very distinctive-smelling a lot of benefits for the health of the body. But this time we will discuss the other benefits of a durian fruit that is beneficial to the skin's beauty. The fruit becomes King of all fruits, with a sweet taste, savory and tasty top familiar in tropical countries as Indonesia.

Want to know what are the benefits of a durian for beauty, yuk we refer to the article below.

1. Rejuvenate skin body
One of the benefits of a durian is to make the skin look young and young again aka doesn't wrinkle. The way is by consuming the fruit durian regularly or treatment methods from the outside by making durian flesh as a mask of skin. Apply this mask on your face and skin.

2. Remove the black bags under the eyes
Eye bags are a common problem in many natural people. This eye bags appear due to illness insomnia (difficulty sleeping) or because the problem often staying up. Often stayed up nights will result in the eyes of marsupials and embossed black flecks or black circles around the eyes.

To heal and remove this eye bags, durian can be one of the herb. In this case use the durian meat when it wants to sleep by night and let stand until the next day. Balance this treatment with vitamin E intake and exercise regularly. Then the circles under your eyes will be continuing to heal.

3. Accelerate wound healing
Durian fruit is useful in speeding up the process of healing the wounds on the body. If you are injured and scratched with sharp objects, then konsumsikanlah buha durian in doses more, this thorn-skinned fruits contain a lot of vitamin C are good in healing skin wounds.

With the wound be healed quickly, certainly by the beauty of your skin will always be awake. What if there were wounds everywhere on your body, naturally you will look gorgeous, then not resolve this problem by consume durian.

Here's the 3 benefits of durian for the beauty that is important so that you know can be an alternative for you in taking care of one's own home, especially things that deal with the beauty of the skin.

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