The Fruits Of Klengkeng Efficacy For Health

Fruit kelengkeng (Dimocarpus Longan) has 2 other familiar designation, i.e., the fruit of longan fruit or a cat's eye. The fruit that comes from the Southeast Asian Continent is spherical with a size roughly as big as marbles. On the growth, fruit kelembeng huddle on the handle. The skin of the fruit is colored light brown to blackish with the skin surface is somewhat rough and berbintil-bintil, with dagning white fruit clear and watery. The taste is sweet, fresh and have a distinctive scent. The seeds are globose consisting of two keeping and coated seeds are skin also is black. The flesh is white, the seed itself contains carbohydrates, a little oil, d an saponins.

The content and the main Compounds
On kelengkeng there is the flesh of the fruit content of sucrose, glucose, protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin B, tartaric acid, and the chemical compounds of plants (phytochemicals) others that are beneficial to health.

Benefits Of Fruit Kelengkeng
Some of the benefits of the fruit of the kelengkeng that can be felt, among other things:
Relaxes the nerves
Overcoming anxiety, insomnia, and difficult concentration
Nourish the heart and relieves the heart pounding hard
Strengthen the spleen
Raise red blood production
Increase appetite and increase energy
Healthy colon and improve the process of absorption of food
Launch a pee
Resolve kecacingan
Healthy eyes
Treating headaches, vaginal discharge and a hernia.

Ways Of Utilization
Returns the body fitness post ill: 250 gr eat fresh fruit kelengkeng per day.
Increase appetite and strengthen the spleen: eat 60 grams of fresh kelengkeng fruit twice a day, every morning and night. This way it can also resolve the diarrhea lho!
Heal Burns: take a little seed kelengkeng, then grilled until it becomes charcoal. After that, mashed until smooth and combine with the oil of tung, and then apply it on the sore parts of the body.
Treating wounds that heal difficult: use the kelengkeng seeds to taste that it is dry and then burn to be charcoal, mashed up to further smooth and do not forget to add the olive oil. Apply on cuts out

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