For The Health Benefits Of Fruit Rambai

Rambai (Baccaurea motleyana) is a species of fruits and penghasilnya plants that grow wild or half wild in gardens of Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia (especially Sumatra and Borneo). Rambai is still closely related to menteng/kepundung, even for frequent. The difference is that flower and fruit growing in the far branches of menteng. In addition, rambai relatively sweeter. In Thailand it is known as mafai-farang

Not many people know about this type of fruit is this one. Many people think of it as the fruit of duku. But after trying, apparently the flesh of the fruit is not as nicely as rambai fruit duku. Then again, some people assume that this is the fruit of menteng since sweet sour-sweet. However, when seen from the tree, turned out to be completely different with the tree of menteng. Then, the fruit is this?

If you've been to Sumatra or Kalimantan, surely your ears will get used to hearing the word rambai. Here are some of the benefits of the fruit Rambai as I grab from the posting on one of the blogs buahsayuran:

As a spice substitute for sour
In the area of the island of Bangka Belitung, the fruit is commonly used for a mixture of cooked fish. The taste sensation of sweetness mixed with fresh sour taste sensations on the fruit has an average diameter of two to five cm is utilized as a substitute for sour fruit.

Made into sweets
A typical fruit in tropical areas it can also be utilized to become candied fruit. Rambai is indeed suitable sweets because texture tender and sweet sour taste. How, by boiling the flesh of the fruit to mature and then soaked with sugar water. This could candied durable up to weeks if stored in a refrigerator.

Made into jam
Sweet Sour taste make this fruit jams suitable like strawberry or Blueberry jam jams. As fans jam, there is no harm in utilizing this fruit as jam. Here's how by simply smoothing the flesh of this fruit with a blender, if you want a more practical, and then heated to a delicious jam. You can also blend the sugar or honey to taste and add one to two tablespoons of lemon juice in order to taste more delicious jams.

The benefits of posting Fruit Rambai, may give you an idea of our new Indonesia fruits of diversity and its benefits during this yet we realize

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