Fruit Acids For Health Benefits

Lots of benefits from this acid fruit for health, here are some of the benefits of the fruit acids for health:

Fruit acids can treat allergies or in Javanese called Biduren
Here's how: take a 2-4 tamarind fruit that is already quite old and a little salt to taste salt. Add a little 4 spoons of whiting. Then all of the ingredients are boiled with 3 cups water, simmer hinge leaves 2 cups. This herb a clean filter and then drink 2 times a day in the morning and the afternoon.

Fruit acids can Treat Swollen because it stung centipede or bees
Here's how: take a 3-6 tamarind seeds and fruit of eucalyptus oil to taste. Smooth mashed the beans and add a bit of eucalyptus oil. Dampen a first body part that stung by a bee and then mashed beans with Herb tempeli acid. Leave to deflated.

Fruit acids can Treat dry cough
Here's how: take 3 pieces of tamarind, and then 1 handheld saga leaves. Then boil to boil the two ingredients with 4 glasses of water. Let tersissa to 1 Cup. Then drink 2 times a day at the time of the morning and afternoon.

Fruit Acids can treat Fever
Here's how: take one handheld leaf Java acid which is still young, then take also a little fennel pulawaras. Rebuslah both these ingredients with half a liter of water and leave until the remaining 1 cup water. Drinking regularly twice a day morning and evening.

Fruit acids can Treat eczema and Boils
Here's how: mashed until smooth 1 tamarind leaves hunting young chicks then add 2 turmeric Rhizome by the size of your thumb. Then paste on the injured part.

Fruit acids can treat asthma
Here's how: take 2 slices of banana peels tamarind and adaspulawaras. Rebuslah both these ingredients with 1 liter of clean water to boil. Then strain and drink this concoction 2 times a day.

Fruit acids can Treat Rheumatic diseases
Here's how: take 1 handheld leaf Java acid, 2-4 acid Java beans and then tumbuklah both these ingredients until smooth. Then kompreskan herb on body parts that hurt.

Fruit acids can Treat new Wounds
Here's how: lumatkan tamarind leaves an already finely chewed on the injured part of the body slowly and evenly. Allow it to somewhat mongering then clean with warm water.

Fruit acid could Treat ulcers
Here's how: tumbuklah 5 seeds tamarind until smooth then flatten on the injured part then bandage with a clean gauze.

Fruit acids can treat thrush
Here's how: rebuslah tamarind fruit, 2 2 Rhizome temulawak dan1 cut Palm sugar. Boil until boiling, then filter this herb to be drunk as herb penyembuah powerful thrush.

Fruit acids can treat stomach ache
Here's how: take 3 pieces that were already ripe tamarind, whiting to taste and eucalyptus oil to taste. Tumbuklah all the ingredients into a single herb. And then rubbing the herb rub it evenly on the part of the stomach that hurts.

Fruit acids can treat Pain Heat
Here's how: combine tamarind fruit 2 that has been cooked with salt and 1 cup of hot water. Then saringlah this acid water. Drink regularly until the heat came down. For those of you mothers who are pregnant is strictly prohibited to drink this drink because it will be fatal to their content.

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